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Texas Professional Surveying is a land surveyor and mapping firm that serves both public and private sectors in Montgomery County and surrounding areas, including Cleveland, Conroe, Willis, Huntsville, Spring and The Woodlands. As a single, trusted source with a strong history, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an exceptional reputation in the communities we serve, our firm has expertise in an extensive range of critical areas.

Fully integrated state-of-the-art technology, aerial photography, conventional mapping and GPS technology are utilized by our professional service teams — licensed surveyors, survey technicians and field crews —to collect topographic information, conduct surveys and execute complex aerial mapping.



Land Clearing

Upland Earthworks LLC is a locally owned and operated land management business. We strive to exceed all customer expectations, while helping your visions become reality.

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Based in Willis, Texas, we offer stump grinding services in Montgomery, Walker, Harris, San Jacinto, Liberty, Polk, and Grimes counties. We are fully insured to perform commercial and residential stump grinding services, as well as other tree and land services. No job is too big or small, however we do not do large tree removal at this time.

As lifetime residents of Montgomery County, Texas, and experience in all aspects of making a business like this successful, the Burris Family decided to start Texas Stump and Land Services in 2022. With a strong background in customer service management, executive level commercial construction leadership, forestry real estate, and commercial construction equipment management, we are a strong team dedicated to providing the highest quality of work and service to our commercial and residential clients.



All the unwanted trees, brush, and overgrown plants on your property can get in the way of your project. Whether you are building a structure, want to freshen up your property, or even restore a wildlife habitat, you’ll want to clear the land. Our eco-friendly land clearing services will leave your property looking the way you need it. Our team at Precision Tractor Services can mulch the unwanted trees and underbrush to create a consistent walking and driving surface in and around your property. By doing this, we won’t waste the underbrush that we clear from your property, but rather give it a new eco-friendly purpose. We also provide complete tree removal services for your next big project. Not only will we mulch the trees, but we will also fully mulch the stumps to just below ground level so that you have a perfectly clear area to work with.

We’ve been in the land clearing and management industry for almost five decades. Throughout this time, we have accumulated the proper knowledge, equipment and skills to get land clearing jobs done right. You can count on us to deliver consistent and reliable results for your project. If you want to learn more about the many land clearing and land management services that we offer, feel free to reach out to us by calling 936-638-2271 or emailing We are happy to provide you with a free estimate once we discuss your land clearing project.



Precision Homes was founded in 1960 by the Henry Wieghat, Jr.  After serving in the military, he moved to Houston and worked as a clean-up man for a prominent home builder. Dedication and hard work resulted in a move to foreman position, where he mastered in everything from concrete work and framing to final finish and inspections. With extensive home-building experience in hand, Henry set out on his own. He started Precision Homes to give landowners the ability to build the home they wanted on their own land. For Henry, the client came first. His homes were built with timeless designs using high quality materials at affordable prices. The result of Henry’s vision was a reputation as the man to turn to for homes that will hold value for decades to come.

Henry passed away in March of 2018, just shy of 87 years old. He continued to work as much as his health would allow up until the time of his death. His passion for homebuilding and his customers never wavered. His Grandson, Jason Wieghat, continues to carry Henry’s legacy on with every house built to this day. Jason strives to uphold the family feel and values that Henry poured his life into creating. Allowing faith to take the lead, integrity and quality also continue to remain at the forefront of what Precision stands for.



J.W. Neathery knows that choosing craftsmen is the most important decision that you make when building or remodeling a home. A quality custom home builder oversees every detail of your home construction, keeps things running smoothly, and can save you time and money. A great designer understands your needs and communicates with you throughout the process to make sure they are being met. Your custom home builder needs to have exceptional craftsmanship, authenticity, solid communication and planning skills, and, most importantly, a legacy of success. Get to know the exceptional team building on a legacy of craftsmanship for over 40 years.



Located in Huntsville, Texas, In Pace Builders is a full-service residential and commercial building group. In Pace specializes in residential, commercial and remodel projects in and around Walker County.

Address: 1405 Southwood Drive • Huntsville, TX • 77340 • Phone: 936-295-5898 • E-mail: