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How is COVID-19 Impacting Us? Is it Even?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m over this COVID-19 thing. Everyone everywhere seems to have an opinion on it and how we should or shouldn’t be living our lives, running our businesses, etc. As a real estate company, we are considered an essential service; therefore, we did not have to close our doors when Texas was suggested to do so. We have been able to support our employees, our Realtors, our clients, and our community without hesitation.

People keep asking us, “Has business slowed down?” “How’s the real estate market?” Honestly, we have continued to receive calls, or inquiries, regarding land – people that are interested in getting out of the city and back in the country, where they don’t have to rely on a grocery store to supply their food or other essential items. We seem to be selling much more smaller tracts in the 10- to 30-acre range. And we’ve heard the same thing from other local Realtors at a recent Texas Land Brokers Network (TLBN) meeting.

We have had to host a few closings in our conference room to accommodate our clients because title companies had certain restrictions limiting the number of people in their facilities. But we’ve done that before COVID-19 too!

We are here and available for anyone’s real estate needs. We have a rather substantial rental inventory and we have still been leasing as usual. We have a typical turnover during the Summer since we are a college town and a lot of students graduate and move. But we are experiencing the same level of interest we normally would this time of year.

So what’s different for us? Nothing. We wash our hands, just as we always have, because it’s the wise thing to do. We welcome anyone into our office that needs our services. And, while you’re here if you need some “handsitizer,” as my 3-year-old daughter likes to call it, we’ll give you a squirt.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash