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How Much Is Timber Worth?

A question I get sometimes is, “How much is this timber worth?”  That’s a great question.  Timber is a significant agricultural commodity in East Texas and is worthwhile to consider when purchasing or selling land.  The value of a particular stand of timber is dependent on a host of variables, more than can be adequately covered here.  Some of the most important variables include tree species composition, tree diameter and height, tree form and quality, stand density, and timber volumes.  These are the basic questions relating to forestry.  There are also important economic factors that affect the cost of logging, including distance to wood processing facilities, tract size, condition of roads (both on the property and local public roads), and soil types ranging from sandy dry land to boggy bottomland.

However, when someone is considering a property to buy or possibly to sell, an approximate assessment of the timber value will usually do.  There are many independent consulting foresters in East Texas with the expertise to provide this information.  Typically, the forester will need to inventory or “cruise” the timber.  Depending on the size of the tract, this can usually be accomplished in a few days or less at a reasonable price.  Once a landowner has decided to move forward with a timber sale, I highly recommend they hire a consulting forestry company that is currently very active in the business of representing landowners in timber sales.  I put emphasis on “very active” because they need to be doing enough business to stay very up-to-date on current pricing for timber and quality logging contractors and timber buyers.

If you are interested in learning more about the timber on your property or potential property, we are always happy to help recommend some reputable forestry companies!


-Scott Ratcliff, Land Agent and Educated Forester

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