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How to Pick the Perfect Agent

As Accredited Land Consultants, our Principal Broker, Andy Flack, and two of our other Realtors, JC Hearn and Walker Powell, are members of an organization called the Realtors Land Institute (RLI). “RLI elevates the level of professionalism in the land industry by providing all land professionals the expertise and camaraderie that are the foundation for becoming the best in the business,” as noted in their Mission Statement.

In their efforts to provide the best resources and information to consumers and fellow land professionals, RLI has a resourceful blog called The Voices of Land, as well as a podcast by the same title. If you are in the market to sell or purchase, check out this helpful blog post for landowners (or future landowners): How to Pick the Perfect Agent for Your Land.

We have learned over the years that NOT ALL licensed agents are knowledgeable about land. This article gives some great tips in looking for the best representation for your next land transaction.  And then, give us a call when you’re ready to move forward!

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