Southeast Texas Real Estate News

Outside Agent Land Showings

Homeland’s policy for outside agents showing our land inventory maintains that outside agents need to, and must, show their clients our properties. Insurance requirements prerequisite this as well as our clients.

Furthermore, HLP and the real estate industry expect agents that desire to sell land to know what they are doing and be geographically competent as referenced in TREC’s 2022-2023 Legal Update.

Said agents should have knowledge in all aspects of land including, but not limited to, being able to read a map, interpret the information provided on HLP’s website, have the equipment necessary to tour land, have knowledge in the land market(s), have knowledge of land contracts, etc. All agents should have property maps and/or plats with them while showing/touring properties. Utilizing the Avenza app is encouraged (see our “Avenza” blog for instructions).

In the event an agent cannot meet the above, said agent is encouraged to refer their buyer client to one of our experienced land agents/brokers.

HLP agents typically do not accompany other agents in the showing of our land properties based on the above. We simply do not have the time to do so. In some cases, for specialty properties, our agents are available to assist with property tours.