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For most of the Summer and into the Fall, we have been working on a project with Koval Digital out of Oregon. We first heard about Koval when we discovered one of the films they created for a close friend and business client of ours. Their creativity, keen eye, professionalism, and quality, among other things, immediately made an impression through their video. We reached out to learn what they could do for us.

Koval‘s mission is to “improve the lives of people in the wood industry globally.” Considering our strength in the timberland (wood) industry, they graciously agreed to work with us. After several Zoom meetings with Vadim Kovalev and Mario Angel, a vision was created. Mario arrived with a film crew and an abundance of equipment and gadgets. He and the crew spent many hours capturing footage. They were incredibly fun to work with and intriguing to watch as their ideas developed. Flexibility was key!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of our time together.

Mario and the crew scoping out filming locations, being escorted by Mike Wolf.
John Paul Lampson, Broker and co-owner of HomeLand Properties sharing his memories of starting the company.












David Thornberry, long-time client of ours, sharing his experiences from over the years.
The film crew capturing b-roll footage of Andy Flack, Principal Broker and co-owner.












We are excited to present one of our final products. We could not be more pleased with the outcome. Enjoy! Stay tuned for other videos coming soon…


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